#FirstClassFriday: The Starfleet Machine Black Badger by MB&F

Super stealth

#FirstClassFriday: The Starfleet Machine Black Badger by MB&F
The horology cognoscente's ultimate collectible

MB&F has always been a step ahead in time. Carving a niche by devising timepieces — and in some cases, machines — that are unthinkably futuristic, they've once again blown it out of the water this Baselworld 2016. Ruling the scene with their Starfleet Machine Black Badger, it's prominence is an arachnid-like structure that's uncannily cloak and dagger. 

#FirstClassFriday: The Starfleet Machine Black Badger by MB&F (фото 1)

A trio of crescent legs supports the gadget's core: A central dome telling hours and minutes in luminescent blue, green or purple. Power-packed with a mighty reserve of 40 days, keep track of the horological wonder's energy levels with the illuminated arcs skirting the core — singular juice bars denote intervals of eight days.

#FirstClassFriday: The Starfleet Machine Black Badger by MB&F (фото 2)

The manual winding machine is also shielded with an Incabloc shock protection system and sports an inconspicuous biosphere dome. When Marvel commissions another movie, this brass gadget might just score a role — it's guaranteed to complement the lust-worthy tech haven in Iron Man's basement. Produced in a limited quantity of 18 pieces per colour, it won't be childsplay in attempting to snag a piece. Let's just say may the best collector win.

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Text: Andrea Sim

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