Fine jewellery for your tiny tots

Fine jewellery for your tiny tots

Start 'em young

Text: Angelyn Kwek

Because your mini-mes deserve only the best, including the finest (and utterly adorable) jewellery specially crafted for children

Refined miniatures aren't just for privileged youngsters like Prince George or North West. In fact, the act of bestowing fine jewellery onto children, particularly newborns, is a centuries-old custom universally practiced to varying degrees in several cultures. On the home front, Singaporean families are noted for giving a piece of gold jewellery, or a cash equivalent, in auspicious red or green packets when a child turns one month old (incidentally, yours truly received her first diamonds in the form of small gold ear studs). And that eye-popping African neck stretching ritual? Yup, that's also a jewellery gifting tradition right there, with parents presenting decorative neck rings to babies in order to begin elongating their bodies.

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But dialling down on the extreme when it comes to urban parental units, modern mums and dads now look to children's fine jewellery as a means of milestone marking in their tot's life — from christenings and monthiversary celebrations to birthdays or simply spoiling the little princess or prince. So if you've been eyeing that ornamented feeding spoon for your tot, or looking to ace your godparent duties, there's no better reason to observe tradition than procuring a shiny bauble or two from these brands for the cherubic apple of your eye.

1. Thomas Sabo 
Collectively known as the Thomas Sabo Kids collection, the celebrated purveyor of pretty charms has an extensive edit of delicate jewellery pieces in adorable motifs for all occasions and ages. Bag a bracelet woven through with a Karma Bead that can be successively added on with a meaningful charm at every birthday for an heirloom story unique to your little darling.

2. Molly Brown
A household name in the UK when it comes to christening presents, Molly Brown is the go-to if you're looking to get a bracelet crafted for tiny wrists. In addition to being a momentous gesture that heralds any impending births in the family, these bracelets are expandable to grow along with the toddler, and can be engraved with a personalised script for a special message or blessing to be worn throughout their formative years.

3. Tiffany & Co. 
It doesn't get more luxe than a certain robin egg blue box beribboned by white satin. Even if the tyke isn't cognisant enough to understand the significance of said blue box, at least the parents will be mooning over it. With a comprehensive catalogue that retails everything from an actual sterling silver spoon to possibly the most expensive bubble blower in the world, even the fussiest tot won't be able to deny Tiffany & Co.

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