Feminine dress watches: The new Chanel Code Coco, Hermès Heure H Double Jeu, and Bvlgari Serpenti Spiga

Feminine dress watches: The new Chanel Code Coco, Hermès Heure H Double Jeu, and Bvlgari Serpenti Spiga

Dress up time

Text: Angelyn Kwek

You know all about the ubiquity of the Little Black Dress. Now acquaint yourself with the haute horlogerie version of this wardrobe staple

Every gal's got one in her closet. It's the multi-functional failsafe and the lazy day outfit all in one, depending on the occasion. Much like how the gents have their suits whenever they need to pull off being spiffier than usual, the little black dress is a woman's dependable go-to (just be sure you nix it for weddings lest you become predictable). After all, black is classic, matches everything, and has the all-important ability to make you look more svelte instantly. Which just begs the question: Is there a LBD version that checks all the boxes when it comes to dressing up your wrist? Below, we round up the watches that wear like little black dresses, from classy to edgy:

CLASSY: Chanel Code Coco
Slipping on the new Code Coco in black ceramic is like wearing a piece of haute couture. Its intensely gleaming surface is as sleek as it is strong, made from high-tech ceramic to give it an extreme hardness that will never scratch or dull. A lacquered dial set with a single princess-cut diamond matches the covetous shine of the comfortably flexible bracelet, and the watch is finished with a steel trim reminiscent of one of the house's signature tweed suits. Not to mention it fastens with the distinct Chanel handbag clasp. Gabrielle herself would approve.

Chanel Code Coco

DRESSY: Hermès Heure H Double Jeu
In the same way you command attention in fashion, Hermès is playing up the game of contrasts with its iconic Heure H. Re-jigged for a flair that sees the capital letter boldly enhanced with 122 diamonds, the Double Jeu edition is the ultimate stylish paradox, highlighting a square within a square within the H. This graphic composition is almost trompe-l'œil-ish — to borrow another term from fashion — as its Barénia calfskin straps are seamlessly merged with the dial in a simple tour around the wrist. You won't ever be square with this one (get it?).

Hermès Heure H Double Jeu

EDGY: Bvlgari Serpenti Spiga
You know those LBDs that come with a little something extra like embellishments or ruffles? This here is Bvlgari's interpretation: A timepiece and a cuff in one. Meant to wrap around the wrist with its double spiral bracelet, its black ceramic case and decorative 18K rose gold elements are nothing short of cool girl status. The diamond-set bezel certainly adds an extra layer of style cred (it may be black, but it's far from being monotone), and with that overt serpent head, this is a little black watch that's got a bite to it.

Bvlgari Serpenti Spiga