Everything you need to know about the Hermès Cape Cod Chaine d’Ancre timepiece

Everything you need to know about the Hermès Cape Cod Chaine d’Ancre timepiece

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Text: Karishma Tulsidas

Let's face it: think Hermès, and the first thing that'll come to mind is most probably the Birkin, then perhaps the Kelly. The French brand might be first and foremost a leather specialist, but its horological aspirations deserve recognition as well. It would be sacrilegious to call the timepieces made by Hermès Horloger "fashion watches", as the Swiss-made, reliable timepieces are imbued with the French maison's astute design ingenuity melded with that certain je ne sais quoi that makes everything that Hermès touches turn into gold. Case in point: the newly launched Cape Cod Chaîne d'ancre timepiece.

The Cape Cod collection was first conceived in 1991 by Hermès' legendary artistic designer Henri d'Origny, who named the timepiece after his wife's favourite holiday spot. The square within the rectangle aesthetic of the timepiece was complemented by the extended lugs, both inspired by the brand's chaîne d'ancre motif, which became the maison's signature back in the 1930s.

The Hermès Cape Cod Chaîne d'Ancre comes with a double strap option

Interestingly, it is this same chaîne d'ancre motif that once again proves to be an inspiration for the newest addition to the Cape Cod family. This time, the anchor motif is not interpreted in an abstract form, but instead, takes pride of place on the dial. How's that for a meta design? 

The timepiece comes in two iterations, one in black and one in white. On the black version, the upper half of motif is adorned with black spinels, and is connected to an aventurine link, which has been set on the lacquered dial using the champlevé technique (meaning that the dial is hollowed out and set with the hard stone). Its pure white counterpart swaps the black spinels for diamonds, and the aventurine for mother-of-pearl.

The sparkle extends to the stainless steel bezel as well, which is set with 42 diamonds of top VVS clarity. The timepiece remains at a fairly dainty size of 29mm, made possible by the quartz movement housed within. 

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