Express your persona with the new D de Dior novelties

Dior desire

Text: Amanda Marks

The D de Dior continues to dazzle with their lavish, charming collection of watches

They say you can tell a lot about a person's character based on their timepiece. When you place a La D de Dior on your wrist, you embody the elegance and refinement from the accessory. You indulge in the inspiration that came from the artisan's time and patience with every simply-placed diamond or gem. You become an aesthetic identity of the Dior family. 

Even with the revolution of wristwatches, Dior's expertise in exquisiteness is ever prevalent. Fashioned in 1975, the D de Dior is an icon that has since been a desirable, sophisticated monument of purity and grandeur with every new piece expanding the assortment. Made with a range of yellow, white, and rose gold iterations, the series maintains its upscale classiness in every beautiful facet. Each creation holds an assortment of personalities, whether it's the prestigious D de Dior with the elegant but sophisticated dial in mother-of-pearl, the whimsical D de Dior Satine with the Milanese mesh band, or the capricious mini D de Dior wraparound with its playful colours and shape. Which one are you?

Check out the coveted D de Dior novelties here:

The D de Dior collection is available at Dior boutiques.