Choo Yilin’s first engagement ring collection is here

Choo Yilin’s first engagement ring collection is here

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Text: Angelyn Kwek

In a celebration of love and heritage, Choo Yilin debuts its first ready-to-wear engagement bands, inspired by royal jewellery from the Tang and Qing dynasties

Getting married has never involved more stressful decision-making (cue the bridezillas), even if a soon-to-be-newlywed has devoured every possible bridal magazine and how-to guide in order to pull off her dream wedding. Step one to achieving matrimonial bliss? Obtaining the perfect ring. Choices are aplenty, whether you prefer classic the likes of Tiffany or something personalised from Chaumet. But there's now the local option, as Choo Yilin launches its first ever engagement collection, exemplifying colours and designs that highlight our Asian heritage.

Each ring is crafted from solid 18K gold, and bears fine details only a scrutinising eye would spot: The brand's signature emblem is carved on the area between the main stone and above the shank, a design element inspired by Asian tradition where carvings on the underside of sculptures or art were meant to bring luck and fortune.

Choo Yilin engagement collection

Brand founder Yilin explains: "As the rings were designed to honour the region's rich heritage, avid research was a key element in the creation of this line. There was extensive exploration into the archives of Asian history, culture and literature. The team went through a vast collection of old photos of royal jewellery in the Qing and Tang Dynasties, and we noticed that they were always strong in colour; we drew inspiration from that. We explored ways of adding this new dimension of heritage into an engagement ring."

Besides the cultural symbolism, the collection boasts stunning sapphires that are extremely rare, coloured, and unheated. The Choo Yilin team curated these precious stones over the years and they cannot be replicated, which means each ring is one-of-a-kind. And with nearly a decade of dedicated research and development invested in the collection's making, each exquisite band has also been QC-ed for the utmost comfort, intended by the jeweller for the bride to wear the ring instead of the ring wearing them. Now is this not the sparkler you want to be proposed with?

Choo Yilin engagement collection

The Choo Yilin sapphire engagement rings are now available online or at the flagship boutique. Appointments are highly recommended. 

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