Choo Yilin opens its atelier doors in the charming Joo Chiat district

Choo Yilin opens its atelier doors in the charming Joo Chiat district

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Text: Angelyn Kwek

Choo Yilin charts another milestone in its seven years young history with the opening of its atelier space

It wasn't so long ago that Choo Yilin was a burgeoning brand taking baby steps onto the local artisanal jewellery scene. A handful of collections, a growing fanbase, a prestigious Mort Abelson award nomination and a brand rejuvenation later, the homegrown name is now celebrated as the forerunner for handcrafted jade jewellery that weave design, heritage, love and conservation into its pieces.

Choo Yilin Atelier

Growing impressively from a startup showroom space to a luxe flagship store at Mandarin Gallery, Choo Yilin now adds another destination to its expansion masterplan with the launch of its much-anticipated atelier, nestled in the quaint neighbourhood of Joo Chiat. A move that stays true to their heritage-centric roots, the brand has added on to its legacy by transforming the two-storey shophouse (a.k.a their original showroom) into a cosy haven of jade jewellery that offers customers an even more personalised level of service.

Featuring a jade bar, which displays showpieces of Choo Yilin's signature Peranakan Jade Bangle, the atelier offers bespoke customisation that lets you feel and have a play around to select your fit, on top of aesthetics such as the specific shade — options run the gamut from soft emerald to smoky olive — and the cloudiness or transparency levels of the jade. Curious patrons can also have a play-by-play look into how their pieces are crafted at the jade workshop housed on the second floor. In addition to its retail and workshop elements, the atelier also has a private boudoir specially designed to host private sessions, so you can curate the perfect jade parure you've always wanted.

Choo Yilin Atelier

The Choo Yilin Atelier is located at 260 Joo Chiat Road. Make an appointment here

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