#FirstClassFriday: Insolence by Chaumet

#FirstClassFriday: Insolence by Chaumet

Beribboned brilliance

Text: Angelyn Kwek

Slip on simple seduction with Chaumet’s Insolence jewellery collection

If you like it, then you ought to put a bow on it — pardon the appropriation of a certain Queen B's lyrics but with Chaumet's new haute joaillerie collection, it seems fitting. Inspired by the royal ribbons of Marie-Antoinette and the jewelled garlands characteristic of the Belle Epoque era, Insolence is an innately sensual and feminine parure that entices with its unassuming seduction. Just like the French queen (and the music queen), the collection doesn't do things by halves: A rose gold rope chain holds a bow crafted in supple curves, knotted to appear artfully undone with its stylistic loops emphasised by brilliant-cut diamonds.

Chaumet Insolence

Whimsical yet spontaneous, Insolence affects a sense of playful duality that toes the line between nonchalantly free-spirited and elegantly classic, at the heart of which lies Chaumet's raison d'être of love and affection. Symbolic of an eternal tie that binds two individuals — with what else but a ribbon to imply such significance — Insolence reads deeper beyond its initial beauty, bearing a surprising gravitas that pledges a serene love. All who lay eyes on the collection will agree it leaves behind the silhouette of traditional jewellery but its sentiments remain unchanged, undeniably woven with a decadence that beckons an intimacy you simply want to reach out and touch.

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