Bask amongst fields of gold with Chanel’s Blés Vendôme wheat installation

Bask amongst fields of gold with Chanel’s Blés Vendôme wheat installation

Harvest season

Text: Angelyn Kwek

The Les Blés de Chanel jewellery collection comes full circle with an honest-to-goodness wheat field flourishing along the promenade of Marina Bay Sands

Staging a grand showing with a production value that's off the charts is certainly in keeping with Chanel's style. You need only look at some of its past runway shows during fashion week and cruise seasons — like reconstructing the Eiffel Tower and lodging a space station at the Grand Palais — to get the sense that 'larger than life' is how Chanel does things. In a similar vein, the maison's haute joaillerie arm has brought nature to our glass-and-concrete landscape with Blés Vendôme, an artistic vegetal installation designed by French street artist Gad Weil.

Blés Vendôme installation

Constructed in tribute to and as part of the Les Blés de Chanel collection, some 250,000 golden stalks composed in an assembly of wheat, wood and sand are arrayed across the boardwalk steps of Marina Bay Sands, right alongside the Singapore river. Our lion city is actually Blés Vendôme's third international arena, following its staging in Saumur at Place Vendôme, Paris and in Taipei. A travelling exhibition that not only resonates with the house of Chanel (it was Mademoiselle Coco's lucky charm, FYI) and its wheat-inspired Les Blés jewellery pieces, this artisanal wheat field is a physical expression of Weil's work with Nature Capitale, an organisation that endeavours to spotlight nature on a public platform in a bid to jumpstart the conversation on green living.

"With Blés Vendôme, I want to remind everyone how much the human spirit, when acting with respect and care, understands how to interact with nature, drawing from it inspiration to nourish and embellish mankind," said the French artist.

Tying in with the presence of the Les Blés collection's arrival on our isle, where 47 pieces out of the full lineup will retail at Chanel Fine Jewellery boutiques, Blés Vendôme is a harvest of abundance you'll want to see and feel IRL.

Chanel Les Blés de Chanel Fine Jewellery collection

The Blés Vendôme art installation is located the Marina Bay Sands event plaza until 1 March.

The Les Blés de Chanel collection will be available at Chanel Fine Jewellery boutiques from 2 - 31 March.