Inside L’Esprit du Lion, Chanel’s new high jewellery collection

Inside L’Esprit du Lion, Chanel’s new high jewellery collection


Text: Milena Lazazzera

Chanel’s latest high jewellery collection is inspired by the spirit of a lion

Don't be fooled by the pink-pretty show staged by Chanel for couture week. In fact, Mademoiselle Gabrielle "Coco" Chanel was born under the sign of the lion and the maison's latest high jewellery collection, L'Esprit du Lion, clearly shows what the Chanel style stands for.

Mademoiselle Coco's apartment at 31 Rue Cambon in Paris is dominated by lions sculptured in gilded bronze, marble and wood with a fierce expression and a paw firmly resting on a globe. They signify dominance, exactly like the lions on each of the 53 pieces of this new high jewellery collection.

Chanel L'Esprit du Lion fine jewellery

Besides the lion, an important key feature of this collection is a chain composed of soft, large, organic and seemingly flat rings, prevalently in yellow gold and sometimes punctuated by diamonds.

A double ring named 'Brilliant' features a row of cultured pearls from Japan enclosed by a frieze in yellow gold and yellow sapphires, and a chain in yellow gold studded with diamonds connected via a smaller vertical chain to a second ring. Here, a lion depicted in white gold and pavé diamonds rests on a structure evoking the first ring with a pear shaped diamond on the top of his mane and an emerald shaped one on his chin.

Chanel L'Esprit du Lion fine jewellery

The same lion motifs with two large diamonds holds together a cascade of multiple rows of pearls yellow gold chain with diamonds and lines in yellow gold and yellow sapphires.

Unexpectedly the collection also includes a clock made of a golden statue, reproducing on a smaller scale the ones Coco Chanel had in her apartment, poised on crystal rock with a paw holding a transparent globe on which the hands of a clock move on star-shaped diamond-studded dial.

Chanel L'Esprit du Lion fine jewellery

If this season is all about women empowerment, this boldly elegant collection has certainly added some interesting items to the conversation.

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