Audacity in motion: Chanel breaks conventionality with the new J12.XS

Audacity in motion: Chanel breaks conventionality with the new J12.XS

La petite allure

Text: Angelyn Kwek

Good things do come in small packages. The new Chanel J12.XS horlogerie collection reinvents perfected miniaturisation

A manifesto of pure excess and radical style; unstoppable in its prominent trajectory of bold refinement: This is the Chanel J12.XS, an iconic collection bristling with a powerful paradoxical allure. Fusing masculine and feminine aspects, as is custom of the atelier, the J12.XS is an iconoclastic extension of the original J12 timepiece that marked a revolutionary distinction in Chanel horlogerie when it debuted at the turn of the millennium.

Chanel J12.XS collection glove-watch

Skip ahead to 2016, and the unpredictable style and sporty elements of the J12 have taken on new extreme facets of sensuality and grit, with a dial trimmed down to a mere 19mm but emboldened with daring methods of wear — superimposed on an oversized cuff, looped across rock-inspired fingerless gloves or casually worn as a statement high jewellery ring-watch. Prompted by Mademoiselle Coco's famous cuff jewellery pieces often seen worn upon both wrists and the maison's couture craft of artistic Lesage embroidery, the J12.XS collection is a encapsulation of Chanel patrimony that evokes a contemporary urban versatility. 

Crafted with high-tech ceramic and set within a steel bezel in monochromatic colours, this signature quartz-driven timepiece gleams a sophisticated femininity with a diamond flange surrounding its lacquered watch face. Doing away with conventionality, the J12.XS grants one the choice to wear it with or without the cuff. Additionally, a series of limited edition unique pieces fashioned with the couture leather and embroidery expertise of maisons Causse and Lesage are offered for those raring to fully embrace the collection's excessive flair.

One of the many exceptional takeaways from the J12.XS? Our pick goes to the high jewellery ring-watch, a band of polished black ceramic differentiated by its dial ringed with baguette-cut diamonds that makes every other accessory in your collection pale in comparison. A concise statement that sums up the J12.XS, Gabrielle Chanel couldn't have said it better: "To be irreplaceable, you must be different."

Chanel J12.XS collection ring-watch

The J12. XS will be available at the Chanel Fine Jewellery boutique from September.