The Chanel J12 Graffiti is what happens when designers get real cray

The Chanel J12 Graffiti is what happens when designers get real cray

Numero loco

Text: Celine Yap

Digits that refuse to fall in line converge in this whacky new Chanel timepiece

Chanel's iconic J12 is so loved for its timeless allure. That pristine white or jet black case in high-gloss high-tech ceramic is as familiar to Chanel fanatics as the 2.55 bag and the No. 5 bottle are. Just as deeply revered is the simple but strong design of the watch's highly symmetrical dial which appeals to the perfectionist in all of us. Each hour numeral stands neatly and precisely in a circle concentric to the minute track, while the hands are all modestly sized and perfectly trimmed. The asymmetrical element is the date aperture but even that is positioned dead centre between the hours 4 and 5.

But these immaculate features appear to have been completely defenestrated with the J12 Graffiti.

Not only have all the hour numerals been displaced from their original positions, they've formed an insouciant heap at the bottom of the dial, and hilariously, some have spilled out onto the bezel. Well, that's graffiti by Chanel for you.

Indeed, this watch offers the Maison's take on street art. Each numeral had been rhodium-plated to a mirror finish echoing the polished edges of the bezel, as the white lacquer dial does its best not to vie for attention. Chanel has released this timepiece in two sizes: 33mm and 38mm. Both are powered by mechanical self-winding movements and limited to 1,200 pieces each.

The Chanel J12 Graffiti is available exclusively at all Chanel boutiques

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