Watch: Christopher Lee in his element as he traverses Italy wearing the Drive de Cartier


Text: Angelyn Kwek

Christopher Lee demonstrates the savoir-faire of the Drive Man in a Cartier short film

How do you grasp the measure of a man? There's demeanour and style, and then there's his choice in timepiece — clues that provide a window into the spirit of a debonair gent who conveys nothing less than instinctual confidence when it comes to his passions. Beyond simply a mindset, this is the Drive Man; an independent sophisticate unfettered by the constraints of convention. Diving deep into this unique psyche, Cartier explores the free-minded expressions of Christopher Lee in a short film as the veteran actor moseys across Italy on a personal adventure.

Cartier Drive de Cartier

From quaint Florence streets to a ride in the Tuscan countryside, Lee is emboldened by the Drive de Cartier in his journey, a watch perfectly tailored to capture his thespian soul with its iconic cushion-shaped case delineated by refined lines and curves. Timeless and contemporary all at once, the vintage automotive-inspired aesthetic of this piece is irreverently stylish: A guilloché dial pattern fashioned after a radiator's grill, a winding crown constructed in the form of a bolt, and distinctive Roman numerals accentuated with sword-shaped hands. Championed by the maison-manufactured calibre 1904 MC, the surety of the Drive de Cartier reflects the energy behind the man, put into perspective by Lee with every one of his strides through the picturesque landscape of Italia.

And the definition of the Drive Man's creed according to Lee? "The freedom to relentlessly pursue my ambitions, be it for my career or for my family," the veteran actor declares when asked about what drives him in life. Now those are words to live by.

Cartier Drive de Cartier

The 2017 Drive de Cartier novelties will be available at Cartier boutiques from April.