Carrie K. drops version 2.0 of its classic Nut and Bolt collection

Carrie K. drops version 2.0 of its classic Nut and Bolt collection

Same old brand new you

Text: Angelyn Kwek

It’s your favourite Carrie K. Nut and Bolt jewellery pieces, now all grown up

Hear hear if you're still rocking the original Nut and Bolt collection by Carrie K, and its unmistakable silhouette is your jewellery ride-or-die. And while this staple will always adorn your person, consider adding on to the bling with the 2.0 edition of Nut and Bolt that puts a new twist on the series with sleek lines and sharper definitions.

Carrie K. Nut and Bolt 2.0

Simple yet provocative, this homegrown signature now features finer details with the nut's solid hexagonal shape reversed engineered into a slim framework set with cubic zirconia solitaires. The understated aesthetic threads through every piece in the collection, from hoop earrings and delicate chain necklaces to multi-way ear studs, and it's a given when it comes to layering as each design effortlessly works the stacking trend. We're thinking everyday wear should totes be the new Nut and Bolt Double Band ring, with three or five more Single rings on standby for whenever the occasion calls for some chic edginess (can you tell we love our rings here at Buro?). Yup, 2.0 is so your new Carrie K. mainstay.

The Nut and Bolt 2.0 collection launches 9 November at Boutiques Fair and Keepers at the National Design Centre