Bvlgari's Festa collection is a pleasant saccharine delight


Text: Clara Tan

Inspired by the parties of Italy, the maison's latest high jewellery collection is sugar, spice, and everything nice

What is it about Italy that we're so enthralled by? Maybe it's the sun, the gorgeous weather, or the blue of the Mediterranean sea. Or could it be their joie de vivre? After all, their parties are infectious soirees of joy, whether it's in the squares of the cities or alongside the canals of Venice. Which also explains Bvlgari's stunning Festa collection, inspired by the palatial joy of Italians. And what better way to design a happy collection than to borrow from desserts; the saccharine-sweet food that gives us endless guilty pleasures and a sugar high? Ranging from al pistacchio rings to gelati pendants, we're spoilt for choice like kids at a candy store. But make no mistake — the collection is sweet as hell, but definitely not sinful at all. In fact, we'd love to lap them all up while dancing the Tarantella.

Above, the goodies to indulge in.


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