5 reasons the Bulgari Hora Domvs is the frequent flyer horology programme you need to get on

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5 reasons the Bulgari Hora Domvs is the frequent flyer horology programme you need to get on
If hopping between countries is your day-to-day itinerary, investing in the Bulgari Hora Domvs is priority one to diligently keep track of time

Breakfast in Singapore, lunch in Bangkok, and dinner in Shanghai — if this reads all too familiar to you, chances are you spend more time ferrying between time zones and flights than you do staying put in one country. A veritable contemporary nomad, you're armed to the teeth with your travel gadgets and creature comforts, yet you might find you're still lacking in one aspect to complete your savvy globetrotter ensemble: The perfect frequent flyer haute horlogerie piece to keep up with you.

Enter the Bulgari Hora Domvs watch, a genuine travel instrument that meets and exceeds the exacting demands of the modern jetsetter. A precise and high-functioning Italian masterpiece that tracks world time with nary a hassle, here are five reasons why this innovative timepiece is the one you should sync with:

Bulgari Hora Domvs

1. Multi-tasking functionality
Clocking in the time zones of 24 major cities in its repertoire, the Hora Domvs — which incidentally means 'Home Time' in Latin — is able to instantly coordinate with the local travel time via a disc mechanism activated with a push button. In addition, users are provided with summer (DST) and winter (standard) time, as well as a home time day-or-night gauge, an AM/PM indicator of the local time and even the season of the time zone you're in. It's practically your personal weather and time newscaster, strapped onto your wrist.

2. Streamlined ease of use
Bulgari has done away with cumbersome knobs and a multitude of buttons for a sleek, user-friendly profile that encompasses all of the comprehensive capabilities of the Hora Domvs. Cultivated in a single pusher positioned at 4 o'clock on the caseband that controls both home and travel times, the maison has ensured that by simply depressing one button, you'll easily and precisely sync all the information you require. And when you're taking a break from globe hopping, the twin hour hands will intuitively overlay each other to keep you grounded to your home time.

Bulgari Hora Domvs

3. Clear legibility
Often baffled by the myriad of arrows and indexes that ultimately put you off from purchasing a travel timepiece? You can rest easy as the Italian maison prefers a clean minimalistic aesthetic, imbuing their exclusive creation with a fuss-free dial. Sporting only three distinct pointers — the solid home time hour hand, a cut-out local time hour hand and a slim minutes hand — accompanied by discreet indicators coloured in contrasting black and white, the well-defined visibility and easy read-off display will have busy jetsetters discerning time in a jiffy.   

4. A stunning movement
Measuring 28.3mm diametre wide and only 8.55mm thick, the mechanical self-winding calibre BVL 191 is entirely developed and produced in-house by Bulgari's Manufacture de Haute Horlogerie in Le Sentier. Contained in an 18K pink gold double ellipse case, the watch's exceptional high-functioning complication boasts a balance that oscillates at 21,600 vibrations per hour for extremely accurate timekeeping you can always rely on.

Bulgari Hora Domvs

5. Stylish statement
Functionality is increasingly becoming synonymous with style and it's a given that Bulgari, purveyor of timeless elegance, has fashioned their newest horology marvel to sit like a masterpiece on the wrist. Framed by a 45mm-sized case and crown in gleaming 18K pink gold with a ceramic insert, the Hora Domvs features a sleek dial in either satin-brushed silver or smooth black lacquer, finished with black or brawn alligator leather straps for the utmost in classic sophistication. And props to its water resistance of up to 30 metres, which means you can strut a stylish speedwalk if you're caught in the rain instead of the usual awkward scurry — that's a win in our books.


The Hora Domvs will be available in Bulgari stores and authorised retailers from October.

Text: Angelyn Kwek

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