Secrets revealed: The Bulgari B.zero1 Perfect Mistake

Secrets revealed: The Bulgari B.zero1 Perfect Mistake

A classic reinterpreted

Text: Dora Aljoofri-Shrestha

Meet the latest creations to join the B.zero1 family

Unconventional, innovative and timeless is what makes the B.zero1 the most iconic collection from the luxury Italian jeweller. This year, Bulgari launches the B.zero1 Perfect Mistake — an unexpected creation that defines the revolutionary spirit of the maison.

For the uninitiated, the geometric design — born to commemorate the new millennium — was named B.zero1 to symbolise the "B" of Bulgari and zero.1 to signify infinite beginnings. But what even the initiated would not have known is that there were originally three designs proposed in the initial stages of development.

While the first prototype made in uniform gold was the model officially launched in 1999, there were two others — Prototype 2, the unconventional use of different shades of gold on a single model and Prototype 3, the bangle version of the seminal B.zero1 ring — kept safe in secret. 

Seventeen years later, the two additional designs that didn't make the cut reveal itself to the world today as the B.zero1 Perfect Mistake. Why the name Perfect Mistake? A model that did not adhere to the original designer's vision is what the Italian jewellery house sees as a brilliantly designed error today.

"A man of genius makes no mistakes; his errors are voluntary and lead to portals of discovery."
— James Joyce 

The new B.zero1 Perfect Mistake ring (Prototype 2) features an unusually bold union of yellow, white and pink gold and, a two-gold combination in white and pink gold. The lastest creations include the pendant versions crafted in the same trio of precious metals. 

The new chapter in the signature collection also introduces a new bangle model (Prototype 3). An offspring of the classic ring, the symmetric design is stretched to the limit yielding a thin, delicate yet sensual bangle — available with the option of diamonds in either white or pink gold.