Bulgari’s iconic B.Zero.1 ring celebrates its 20th anniversary this year

Bulgari’s iconic B.Zero.1 ring celebrates its 20th anniversary this year

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Text: Celine Yap

A favourite among celebrities, see how the Bulgari B.zero1 collection is made, plus all the new pieces celebrating its 20th anniversary

We've all lusted after the Bulgari B.zero1 ring at one point of another and the beauty of its iconic yet versatile design lies in how there is one B.zero1 ring for everybody. Celebrities love the ultra-cool Save The Children collection. Design and architect buffs fell head over heels for the B.zero1 Design Legend by Zaha Hadid. And fashion falcons are still rocking the avant-garde B.zero1 Labyrinth

Celebrating its 20thanniversary in 2019, the Bulgari B.zero1 has always been unconventional, innovative and timeless. Inspired by the Roman Colosseum, this trendsetting creation evolved from Bulgari's Tubogas or gas-pipe technique so revered in the Tubogas or Serpenti collections. In the 20 years since its birth in 1999, the B.zero1 has taken on countless guises, from spirals of various heights to the use of different materials such as marble and ceramic. An indomitable design icon with universal appeal, over 2 million B.zero1 rings have been sold to this day.

Beginning with ribbons of gold, the B.zero1 rings are crafted through Bulgari's ingenious Tubogas method, where long thin strips are wrapped and interlocked without soldering. This is then capped at both ends with flat rings emblazoned with the BVLGARI BVLGARI logo, a feature that fans of the brand truly adore. 

To commemorate 20 years of rule-breaking, daring and unconventional design, Bulgari released a bevy of new models all dressed up to the nines. Make a big statement with these five-band versions all made in solid gold just like the original 1999 edition, with some pieces completely encrusted in sparkling pavé diamonds. By the way, this is the first time that the B.zero1 is available in solid pink gold. All of these come engraved with 'XX Anniversary' on their internal ferrule to mark the occasion.

Bulgari also introduced new pieces to the B.zero1 Design Legend by Zaha Hadid. The original form with criss-crossing lines was dutifully preserved but now comes with an inner core of black or white ceramic. Other than rings, there are also pendants and bangles with or without diamonds. Fusing classic and modern materials with bold contemporary Roman design, the XX Anniversary is an exceptional collection for exceptional individuals.