Royal resplendence: Boucheron Bleu de Jodhpur

Royal resplendence: Boucheron Bleu de Jodhpur

Into the blue

Text: Pakkee Tan

Drawing on its deep ties to exotic India, French jewellery house Boucheron presents a one-of-a-kind piece dedicated to the beautiful city of Jodhpur

Boucheron has had a long love affair with India. Dating back to 1909, Frédéric Boucheron (the founder of the jewellery maison) first visited the country and its exoticism and grandeur has served as a source of inspiration and fascination for a century. The jewellery house's ties with the royal families of India have only enhanced its mystique, and this year, it presents the ultimate tribute to one of the country's most beautiful lands — Jodhpur.

The city of Jodhpur has earned itself several monikers: 'Sun City' for its eternally fair and sunny climes; and 'Blue City' for the vibrant blue found here that is like no other in the world. Boucheron draws on the ancient city for inspiration and presents one of its finest creations yet. The Bleu de Jodhpur is a magnificently regal necklace that breaks ground for its innovative use of white Makrana marble as a precious material, a first in French haute joaillerie. Interesting fact: It is mined from the same quarry that supplied marble for the Taj Mahal, further tying in the piece's association with India. The reversible necklace is truly a wonder to behold, and we bring you the highlights of this original jewellery piece by the numbers.

2,448 diamonds were used in the making of the necklace
1,700 hours of craftsmanship
744 sapphires adorn the necklace
490: the total weight of the necklace in grams
248.30 carats of rock crystal was used
215.15 carats of white marble from the Makrana quarry
1 magnificent kite diamond (flawless, 6.01 carats)