5 local jewellery brands we love

5 local jewellery brands we love

The bling list

Text: Angelyn Kwek

When it comes to the game of gems, these five local jewellery labels are our fair Lion City’s reigning sovereigns

You know you've earned your 'Support Local' badge if names such as Marilyn Tan, Carrie K. and Trish Van N rank among your repertoire of go-to jewellery designers. Admittedly, Singapore isn't the name on most lips when it comes to precious stones but these entrepreneurial designers have revolutionised the local jewellery scene, garnering acclaim both domestically and internationally.

Whether you're in the mood for a spot of shopping or you're on a determined hunt to amass a singularly novel jewellery collection to call your own, we bring you the lowdown on why these five local labels have our stamp of approval.

1. Revival Jewels
With a goldmine of a showroom featuring exquisite pieces from the likes of Bulgari, Cartier and Van Cleef & Arpels, gemologist Brenda Kang is the jewel curator to have on your speed dial when it comes to all things vintage. A passionate collector with a 15-year long stint as a former jewellery specialist at Christie's, Kang now helms Revival Jewels, our island's very first retailer dedicated to sourcing vintage gems and one-of-a-kind rarities. In addition to earrings, brooches and bracelets, one can also expect antique diamond watches in Revival Jewels' impressive catalogue.

2. Carrie K.
If your sense of style veers toward contemporary and unique with a dash of quirky, Carrie K. is right up your alley with their offerings of playfully provocative artisanal jewellery. Made by hand with quality craftsmanship, this award-winning homegrown label has risen from its humble roots to expand their presence overseas in as many as eight different countries. Statement collections include The Chain Gang and Nut and Bolt — distinct, eye-catching touches of luxury that won't break the bank.

3. Choo Yilin
A label that celebrates the core of our cultural identity, Choo Yilin translates the stories of Singapore's heritage into modern bespoke pieces crafted with Burmese jadeite and handpicked semi-precious gemstones. Intricate metalwork displays prominently across each collection, a signature element of the Choo Yilin aesthetic. Reinventing traditional oriental jade charms into sophisticated and wearable jewellery with the ease of dressing it up or down, their latest Everyday collection is one for the wishlist. 

4. Marilyn Tan Jewellery (MTJ)
This eponymous label has been a driving force in the industry for the past two decades, with a claim to fame that includes adorning celebrities like Nadya Hutagalung, Linda Black, Liz Lazan and Oli Pettigrew. Marilyn Tan creations are fuelled by a love and passion for jewellery, and inspiration comes from everything from nature and modern art to the designer's varied globetrotting ventures. Stunningly bold and graphic with the occasional hints of whimsy, MTJ collections are a siren's call to confident, independent women who aim to set themselves apart from the norm.

5. Trish Van N
For those who can't get enough of mixing, matching and layering their jewellery, Trish Van N is your one-stop designer whose timeless, feminine pieces espouse individuality and self-expression. Handcrafted using gold vermeil and 14K yellow and rose gold casted by Thai craftsmen renowned for their skilled and detailed workmanship, every piece is a labour of love unto itself. From rings, earrings and cuffs to necklaces, the entirety of the jewellery customisation cosmos is your playground to discover and experiment with.