The lowdown on the TikTok horn hair trend


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We get it: the whole business of being human is immensely tiring. There’s the matter of taxes to worry about; the repercussions of COVID-19; plus the whole climate change thing that’s bearing down on us. As it is, though, there proves plenty of options when it comes to stress-relief. TikTok is well-aware of this, judging from the number of users opting for the ultimate form of escapism — whereupon they shed their humanoid skin and transform into fantastical horned beings. Fun!

While there’s no scientific evidence that these miniscule hair tufts abscond you from mundane responsibilities, they do present a mythical creature sort of vibe that suggests you belong in an otherworldly realm. They are also relatively easy to achieve, with the risk factor being significantly lower than this season’s sought-after wolf cut.



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Getting the look is simple. All you need are a pair of scissors; a flat-iron; and perhaps a decent depth-of-field so you’ll be able to gauge just how much you’re hacking off. Begin by selecting two sections of hair along the top of the head. Then, mark off where you’d like to cut with a bobby pin, and follow it up by snipping away. Lastly, run your flat-iron through said strands in an upwards motion, and voila! Bonus: they’re virtually indiscernable when made to lie flat; a style that is ridiculously easy to camouflage beneath your other layers should the need arise. Talk about versatility at its finest.

As to why people are embarking upon this trend, let’s just say we’re as stumped as you are. Perhaps the loosening of pandemic-enforced rules has invigorated everyone’s need to flaunt their devilish side — literally. Or maybe it is simply a giant F-U to the system, where youngins’ are looking to stick it to gravity. Who knows? It’s fine as long as everyone is having fun and, uh, experimenting without butchering their locks. Incidentally, though, we have gathered a list of probable sources that this trend originated from. Y’know what they say: inspiration comes from the most unlikely of places. And on that note, #HappyHornGirlSummer!

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