Smartphone cases, but also conversation starters

  • 17.11.2021

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Smartphones have levelled up to a point that we actually proudly flaunt them as part of the complete outfit (hello, mirror selfies?). Even on rushed mornings, we can’t tell you the number of times we’ve prioritised reaching for our iPhones instead of that expensive piece of jewellery. And as pretty and steely as they come, whether built from recycled aluminium or lavished with the season’s hottest colours, let’s not forget about the cases that will have to come on eventually. After all, we need that last bit of protection after having spent a decent chunk of money on our new shiny devices.

Safe to say, these cases need to be kinda awesome. Like conversation-starter material. So we’ve rounded up our current picks — just in time for that holiday wishlist you’re about to build.

  1. Iridescent Case for iPhone 12 or 12 Pro, from Rimowa
  2. The Puffer Case, from Urban Sophistication
  3. Too Close, from Toxic Amsterdam
  4. Black Spray Paint Bear, from Palm Angels
  5. Self Love, from Casetify
  6. Popcase for Magsafe, from Popsockets