Victoria Cheng

Victoria Cheng

Name: Victoria Cheng 
Date of birth: 14 March
Occupation: Food Writer, Presenter & Producer  
Industry: Media/Journalism

How she got started: She started with a Journalism degree; but after graduation, she found herself in the restaurant business together with her father in Hong Kong. She later moved to Singapore to scope out the scene, joining a dining magazine as a writer. In what was supposed to be a brief stop in Singapore, her work progressed to editing restaurant guides, recipe books, judging on dining panels, and directing a new editorial lifestyle digital-portal for SingTel. Today she consults for F&B companies and emerging brands, presents on television and online primarily on food topics, and continues to write on a freelance basis.

Notable achievements: Certification in Nutrition. 2nd Dan Black Belt in Tae Kwon Do. Advanced Diver. Teaches Boxing. Lived and survived her four mischievous younger brothers.

Something you might not have known about her: She's half Thai, a university minor in Computer Science and German Language & Linguistics and briefly ranked on the ladder for StarCraft I.

A quote to sum it all up: "Ever eat so much you feel sick? Isn't that the best?" 

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