Timothy De Cotta

Timothy De Cotta

Name: Timothy De Cotta
Date of birth: 14 January 1986
Occupation: Musician and entrepreneur
Industry: Music

How he got started: De Cotta first tinkered with a bass guitar on his 17th birthday, and hasn't looked back since. His foray in music started as a band member of now-defunct SIXX in 2007, which also included musicians THELIONCITYBOY and Aarika Lee. The vocalist, bassist, songwriter and producer soon joined and formed the groups Tim De Cotta x The Warriors, TAJ, L.A.B, neoDominatrix and Kilo Habit. De Cotta is also part of Getai Group, a company responsible for music events in Singapore such as Getai Electronica and Getai Soul.

Notable achievements: De Cotta teaches at Thunder Rock School, and will be releasing his debut solo record, The Warrior on 11 March.

Something you might not have known about him: De Cotta's other interests include playing football and video games. He cuts his own hair, and doesn't eat bread. Kopi kurang manis (coffee with less sugar) is his go-to pick-me-up.

A quote he lives by: "It's about having a voice and not sitting down when the world crumbles, but rather standing up for it and what you love; with the usual doses of love and humour."

Listen to Timothy De Cotta here.