Sven and Kane Tan

Sven and Kane Tan

Name: Sven Tan
Date of birth: 15 June 1979
Occupation: Creative director at In Good Company

Kane Tan
Date of birth: March 1982
Occupation: Artisanal director at In Good Company

Industry: Fashion, Retail

How they got started: Sven was offered the job of principal designer at Alldressedup after winning the inaugural Mercedes Benz Asian Fashion Award and Kane worked as an assistant designer at alldressedup after graduating from Raffles Design Institute Singapore. After their stint at the fashion label — it has since closed — they started In Good Company together in 2012.

Notable achievements: The duo won the Singapore Design Awards Designer of the Year 2016 for In Good Company.

Something you might not have known: Sven is curious about how the colours he chooses can convert a customer and it gives him immense satisfaction when a customer tries colours she won't normally wear, and loves it. Kane however, is a tad more unconventional. He admits that he sometimes try on women's garments. It's all in the name of work though, as he cross-dresses to get a better understanding of the cut and structure of womenswear.

A quote to sum it all up:
"My work is about knowing; knowing allows me to create the right product at the right price at the right time." — Sven Tan

"I'm just trying to make clothes that women would want to wear every day." — Kane Tan

In Good Company is available for purchase online and is stocked here.
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