Sue-Shan Quek

Sue-Shan Quek

Name: Sue-Shan Quek 
Year of birth: 1980
Occupation: Managing Partner at The Supermarket Company 
Industry: F&B, Arts and Lifestyle 

How she got started: Quek knew from a young age that she wanted to run her own business. When she founded SPRMRKT's first outlet, a combination of stubbornness, self-belief and a little bit of madness led her to take on the role of server and cashier during the first two years of operations. Realising just how arduous the task was, she subsequently hired the right people to staff her outlets. Few know that Quek's first degree was in Arts for Community, but she received it at a time when public art projects were hardly heard of in Singapore. While she wanted to create meaningful work and projects in public spaces for the local community, it was never a viable way to make a living in Singapore. By launching the first SPRMRKT in the CBD, Quek wanted to bring the arts closer to the general public in a convivial environment. 

Notable achievements
: Incorporating The Supermarket Company, which owns the brands SPRMRKT, KITE, and Koskos. She recently expanded the SPRMRKT brand by opening a second outlet in a bigger space shared with the prestigious STPI Creative Workshop & Gallery.  

Something you might not have known about her: She founded a DJ collective called Housekeeping in 2004. Housekeeping was formed by four music lovers who played all genres of house music.

A quote she lives by: "Best to start a few things and finish them rather than start a lot of things and finish few of them." — Meg Whitman  

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