Spencer Forhart

Spencer Forhart

Name: Spencer Forhart
Date of birth: The spring of 1969
Occupation: Chairman and co-founder, The Proof Collective 
Industry: F&B

How he got started: Unexpectedly, like all the best things in life. He trained as a lawyer and cut his teeth in the law and finance realm. 28 HongKong Street was originally a passion project, but as the team became more deeply involved in the cocktail and spirits space, the work Forhart considered himself so fortunate to do became his calling.

Notable achievements: Forhart considers finding a pretty and smart chef to marry and raise a family the best bit of life for him. Aside from that, what he's most proud of is that in five short years, the company has grown from zero to a team of 70 spread across Asia in five different business divisions. This creation band growth was achieved with a proud respect for pursuing authentic quality without compromising their products and services — which is the foundation of everything they do. 

Something you might not have known about him: Forhart hates straws! Please don't serve him a drink with straws. 

A quote he lives by: "Everything great is always rare." This is from a play called The Stonemason by Cormac McCarthy. He explains relating to this quote because in this modern world we live in, we have become expectant of instant gratification and instant success. This quote is a humble reminder of how special great things are and how we should value them, as true beauty and quality cannot be commoditised.

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