Sam Lo

Sam Lo

Name: Sam Lo/SKL0
Date of birth: 15 October 1986
Occupation: Visual Artist/ Founder of Project XIV
Industry: Arts 

How she got started: Mostly self-taught, Sam started dabbling in design in 2008 when she founded RCGNTN, a platform for Singaporean talent. Back then she didn't have money to pay a designer to design the website, so nights were spent learning Adobe Illustrator while juggling work and school. It then progressed to collaterals that promoted the site which included stickers, streetwear and posters. In 2011, she started creating personal work addressing Singaporean issues under the alias 'SKL0' which made its debut on the streets in an effort to engage the public, such as 'Press Once Can Already' stickers on traffic light buttons and spray painted 'My Grandfather Road' on roads in the CBD. This led to her arrest in 2012 and the 'Sticker Lady' saga. This led to a big career shift to pursue art full-time. Now, her work spans across different mediums from painted murals to sculpture and exhibited both locally and internationally.

Notable achievements: Three solo exhibitions ('The LIMPEH Show', Substation 2015; 'Greetings From Singapore', One East Asia Gallery 2017; 'For Better, For Worse', Besser Space, Melbourne, Australia 2017), painted the largest road painting in Singapore ('My Grandfather Road', Circular Road, 2016) and exhibited abroad with S+ART India, Delhi 2017; Melbourne Festival 2017, Australia; Art Central Hong Kong 2018, Hong Kong; Georgetown Festival 2014 & 2018, Penang, Malaysia to name a few.

Something you might not have known about her: Sam Lo is introverted, obsessive about detail and often doesn't stop working, but SKL0 gets most of the credit anyway.

A quote to sum it all up: "If your heart is in the right place, with hard work, the possibilities are endless. Always remember why you started, especially when it gets hard."