Rick Yang

Rick Yang

Name: Rick Yang 
Date of birth: 6 August 1980
Occupation: Co-founder of FAC3INC, makeup artist and hairstylist
Industry: Beauty 

How he got started: Although Yang studied graphic design in school, upon graduation he found himself gravitating towards makeup artistry. Despite the fact that makeup was unrelated to his field of study, Yang found that it was a great avenue of expression and has never looked back since picking up a makeup brush at 18. A self-taught artist, he has assisted many veterans in Singapore and through his observations and learnings, he has managed to reinterpret their signature styles into his very own. 

Notable achievements: For Yang, it was a dream come true when he was able to co-found FAC3INC in 2015 with fellow artistes Peter Khor and John Lee. A hair and makeup collective, FAC3INC manages a team of both makeup artists and hairstylists with a view to nurturing new talents in the industry. Yang has also worked with top publications and websites in Singapore and is known for his skilled and avant garde artistry in both hair and makeup. He has also served on the judging panel of many beauty awards in Singapore and has worked with brands as varied as Dove, Yves Saint Laurent Beauté and Sephora.

Something you might not have known about him: Despite being a very messy housekeeper, Rick is very particular when it comes to his profession. He is always organising and compartmentalising his tools, ideas and portfolio pictures.

A quote to sum it all up:  "Makeup is an art, beauty a business."