Renyung Ho

Renyung Ho

Name: Renyung Ho
Date of birth: 20 November 1985
Occupation: Designer and entrepreneur, Matter
Industry: Retail and hospitality

How she got started: Matter was a brand born out of Ho's avid travelling. During her trip to Sapa Valley, she met two hilltribe girls who sold embroidered bookmarks which they handmade using a technique that their mother had taught them. The thought of creating opportunities through celebrating the cultural heritage of textiles sparked an idea in her. Soon after, Ho met co-founder Yvonne Suner on the beaches of Mexico in 2009. Inspired to combine their love for travel, cultural stories and unique travelwear into a business catering to the global nomad, Matter was born five years later. The catalyst? A fundraising roadtrip called 'Fluk Fluk Run' in India, during which she and her husband covered 3500km over two weeks on a three-week auto-rickshaw. In that time, she fell in love with the country and met some other key people that eventually made up the rest of her team. 

Notable achievements: According to Ho, life is made up of moments, not achievements. She finds failing profound; when she failed at other business ideas before Matter, she realised that an idea is 1% of the journey and 99% of it consists of execution. She said, "It allowed me to understand that I have to be the best person in the room to carry out my idea and that a business is an extension of my own values, motivation, strengths, and ability to bring people with a common vision together."

Something you might not have known: She has a three-legged dog named Hobo.

A quote she lives by: "Wheresoever you go, go with all your heart." — Confucius

Matter is available for purchase online.
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