Norman Hartono

Norman Hartono

Name: Norman Hartono
Date of birth: 24 March 1988
Occupation: General Manager, Tung Lok Group
Industry: F&B

How he got started: From an early age, Hartono was exposed to the industry as his mother's side of the family was involved in the Tung Lok Group of restaurants. During that time, he was introduced to different types of Chinese cuisine and dishes as the family often dined at the restaurants. As a teen in high school, Hartono also worked part-time as a waiter and bartender to help our with the family business. It doesn't end there — midway through university, he took a gap year to undertake a management internship at Tung Lok. In early 2014, he was tasked to create a crab-centric restaurant and it was then where he pitched the concept for Dancing Crab, which laid the foundations for what he's currently doing today.    

Notable achievements: Creation of Dancing Crab and spearheading its local expansion as a chain and overseas franchise. He also founded Lokkee, a modern and tongue-in-cheek rendition of Chinese concept dining.  

His all-time guilty pleasure: McDonald's Chicken McSpicy burger.

Something you might not have known about him: Hartono is a World War II history buff! An avid collector of World War II relics comprising of military medals, hats and helmets from all around the world, he makes it a point to visit online auctions on a regular basis. And with every purchase, he does the relevant research beforehand on each piece and its historical significance. 

A quote he lives by: "You are an aperture through which the universe is looking at and exploring itself." — Alan Watts