Nejla Matam-Finn

Nejla Matam-Finn

Name: Nejla Matam-Finn
Date of birth: 24 February 1979
Occupation: Founder & CEO of The Fifth Collection
Industry: Fashion

How she got started: Matam-Finn turned her personal frustration with her own wardrobe into a source of inspiration. She always had an ideal wardrobe in mind, one that is thoughtfully curated and consists mostly of special pieces. Instead, over the years, she amassed a crowded closet dominated by pieces that were just "ok". Her take: Social media has changed people's relationship with fashion. As women share lives (and outfits) more frequently on the internet, they subsequently have a lesser desire to repeat their outfits, since each wear was getting a lot more views across wider circles. This results in a higher ‘cost-per-wear’ of purchases. Matam-Finn observed that women adjusted to this new fashion paradigm by shifting their purchases from high-end pieces to fast-fashion, compensating for the higher velocity of fashion with lower cost and quality. And just like them, she missed the days of buying less, but buying better. It was then that she saw an opportunity, and started shaping the idea for what would become The Fifth Collection, a premium e-tailer of luxury pre-loved fashion.



Notable achievements: The Fifth Collection won Best Digital Startup award at Buro 24/7 Singapore's Digital Awards 2016. They also raised their first round of funding three years after launching.

Something you might not have known: Matam-Finn can't drive a car or ride a bike, but she can fly a plane.

A quote she lives by: "Be kind to everyone on the way up; you'll meet the same people on the way down" — Anonymous

The Fifth Collection is available for purchase online.
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