Matthew Lai and Dylan Chong

Matthew Lai and Dylan Chong

Name: Matthew Lai
Date of birth: 31 December 1988
Occupation: Director at KayJen Dylan

Name: Dylan Chong
Date of birth: 8 April 1981
Occupation: Director at Dylan & Son

Industry: Fashion, Tailoring

How they got started: Lai's first job was at a local tailoring establishment, where he learned the ropes of the tailoring industry. Wanting to further improve, he left his job to master cutting techniques under local master tailor, Thomas Wong. With his savings and a small loan from a family member, he decided to start his own tailoring brand in September 2014. Similarly, using the savings he accumulated through three years of flying as a cabin crew with Singapore Airlines, Chong took over and completely revamped his father's tailoring business in 2010. Soon after, Wong opened his eyes to what the word 'bespoke' truly means and also taught Chong the art of cutting. Together, they formed KayJen Dylan in October 2016.

Notable achievements: Lai and Chong consider being able to grow the business, and expanding the shop floor space from 90-square feet to the 1400-square feet space they occupy today, one of their lives' biggest achievements.

Something you might not have known about them: Chong jokes that he would be a cat whisperer if he's not running Dylan & Son.

A quote they live by:
"Be humble and never stop learning." — Matthew Lai

"It's better to be great at one thing, than to be mediocre at a hundred things." — Dylan Chong

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