Lucinda Law

Lucinda Law

Name: Lucinda Law
Date of birth: 23rd April
Occupation: Botanical artist and founder of Within
Industry: Art, Science and Nature

How she got started: About three years ago, Lucinda experienced a series of major life changes in the course of a few months that caused her to go on a five-month sabbatical, which awoke her with a deep affection for nature.  Driven by this passion, she started her own creative studio to focus on nature-inspired arts programme and began creating botanical-led art and design work. Till date, she has worked with more than 45 clients on botanical-inspired projects and commissions. Her botanical art workshops are held at POLLEN restaurant at Gardens by the Bay and creative retreats are held at nature-endowed exotic destinations.

Notable achievements: Lucinda Law is a botanical watercolour artist, teacher, writer and founding director of Within. Driven by her love to share the beauty of nature and for helping others to develop and nourish their creative confidence through nature-inspired arts practice, she started Within, a nature-led creative studio and consultancy in 2016. Since then, Within has worked on over 40 collaborations and commissioned projects with companies such as Singapore Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Changi Airport Group, Leica, Chanel, Bentley, Mulberry, Aesop, Banyan Tree, Mandai Park Holdings and more. She also programmes and conducts botanical art workshops, courses and immersive creative retreats that take people into nature spots such as botanic gardens in the Asia-Pacific region. She is the first Arts & Graphic Ambassador for Faber-Castell Singapore and the first Brand Ambassador for Diptyque Singapore. She is also the first artist to illustrate the cover of Singapore’s Harper’s Bazaar Magazine.

Training & Background: Lucinda has more than eight years of teaching experience in tertiary arts and design institutes in Singapore, such as Temasek Polytechnic, Lasalle College of the Arts and Glasgow School of Arts. While working full-time as a Senior Lecturer in Lasalle College of the Arts, and overseeing the Department of Cultural & Theoretical Studies in Fashion, she completed her Masters in Fine Arts in 2011. She also holds a BA in English Language and Literature. Prior to teaching, she has worked as a cultural writer and travel editor in Hong Kong. As a self-taught watercolourist, she also undertook training in botanical illustration at the Royal Botanic Gardens in Kew, United Kingdom. She exhibited her first solo art installation in 2012 and her watercolour paintings have been commissioned as gifts to dignitaries and celebrities. In 2016, she became a creative entrepreneur and started a nature-led creative studio, Within.  She has since taught over 200 botanical art watercolour workshops in her creative studio and for collaborators such as Leica, Aesop, Diptyque and more. She innovates new nature-inspired arts courses and creative retreats that partners with botanical institutions such as Queen Sirikit Botanic Garden (Thailand), Cibodas Botanic Garden (Indonesia) and National Tropical Botanical Gardens (Hawaii).

Something you might not have known about her: She always assembles a playlist before she starts painting.

A quote to sum it all up: “Within every woman, there is a wild and natural creature, a powerful force, filled with good instincts, passionate creativity, and ageless knowing.”  Clarissa Pinkola Estes in the book Women Who Run with Wolves: Myths and Stories of the Wild Woman Archetype

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