Leona Ziyan

Leona Ziyan

Name: Leona Ziyan
Date of birth: 12 February 1997
Occupation: Video director
Industry: Media

How you got started: I experimented with YouTube videos about eight years ago, creating content around fashion styling, make-up, and music curation. With those videos in my tiny portfolio, I managed to get my first internship at Mediacorp's platform, styleXstyle. Sharon Au was the first person in the industry who believed in me and allowed me to create works on a bigger scale!

Notable achievements: In terms of recognition, I'd have to say Singapore Fashion Week. I was commissioned to do their main highlight reel in 2017, which was played at every single show. In terms of creative expression, it'll have to be Masia One's "Time Wastin". Shout out to Masia for letting me be part of such a game-changing project.

Your passions: Self-development. No amount of money or achievements will suffice if our internal worlds are messy and neglected.

One local artist who you would love to work with: Locally, it'll have to be Yung Raja. His flow is amazing, and his lyrics are really interesting. He has the looks, isn't vulgar, and the man is hilarious. Bonus points? He's very sweet in person. I'd love to play a part in Raja's journey!

Current obsessions: Augmented Reality, skincare, and Queer Eye.

Greatest piece of advice that you've received: "You are right where you need to be." Everything you've experienced got you to this place. Be still, and know that you are given new opportunities every moment to take you closer to where you aspire to be.