Joshua and Sarissa Schwartz

Joshua and Sarissa Schwartz

Name: Joshua Schwartz
Date of birth: 4 Feburary
Occupation: Co-founder of SJS Group

Name: Sarissa Schwartz
Date of birth: 3 March
Occupation: Co-founder of SJS Group 

Industry: Food & Beverage 

How they got started: Sarissa's first job was at a popular Italian bakery filling cannolis and making espresso, from there she went on to being a hostess and bartender in other venues. With a father who was a chef, Josh learned the ropes while working in the kitchen from the age of 10. It was then that he fell in love with the magic of what happens in the front of house of a restaurant. 

Notable achievements: This was a consensus from the both of them — marrying Sarissa was a definite achievement. Otherwise, they consider their three successful venues, namely Lulu's Lounge, Employees Only and nightclub, Bang Bang an extremely gratifying experience. 

A piece of advice for couples who work together: "It's important to create boundaries and understand how and when the other person processes information. When you leave the office and go home, it's still the office because your business partner is sleeping next to you. Shutting off, especially when you are in a 24/7 industry like us, can be nearly impossible. Make sure you really enjoy your partner's company before you decide to work together."

Something you might not have known about them: Sarissa hopes to set up a dog charity some day while Josh always had a dream to tailor, having had an education at the Fashion Institute of Technology in New York learning how to sew. 

A quote they live by: As Thomas A. Edison once said, "Many of life's failures are people who did not realise how close they were to success when they gave up."  — Sarissa Schwartz

"Strive to be better today than you were yesterday" — Joshua Schwartz