Jaime Lee

Jaime Lee

Name: Jaime Lee 
Date of birth: 24 April 1986
Occupation: Founder and Creative Director of The Paper Bunny  
Industry: Design  

How she got started: Jaime started her career as a lawyer, but her love for aesthetics and beauty led her to the world of graphic design when a friend asked her to create their wedding stationery. It was then she realised how powerful graphic design was  that she could create art that was truly her own, but with plenty of reach. After a slew of custom wedding projects, notwithstanding the privilege of being able to design for couples, there was a growing desire within her to create relevant and practical pieces that could be used by regular people everyday  pieces that would be practical, useful and helpful as well as empower, encourage and remind them of their worth, or help them to do that for a loved one. With that in mind, she paired up with her husband Justin to launch the online store in November 2013. She left her legal career behind at the end of 2015 to focus on the business.  

Notable achievements: The Paper Bunny boasts a wide range of stationery and lifestyle products in both classic and on-trend styles. Its aesthetic and brand ethos since its inception has caught the eye of customers, brands and KOLs alike. They have since collaborated and co-branded pieces with brands such as Coach, Sephora, Singapore Airlines and Starbucks. Their products can be found beyond Singapore in countries such as Australia, United Kingdom, Thailand, United States and Vietnam. 

Something you might not have known about her: Jaime has been playing the drums since she was 13.  

A quote to sum it all up: Big things happen a little step at a time. 

The Paper Bunny offers free shipping within Singapore for orders above $60.