J Kishan

J Kishan

Name: J Kishan
Occupation: Actor
Industry: Entertainment

How he got started: When he was 16, he was motivated to become an actor after watching Hannah Montana on TV. He got in touch with filmmaker Senthil Nathan to pitch a script, and ended up working as an aide to him for a few years. Eventually, he was scouted for a role in Tanglin.

Notable achievements: He believes that overcoming the initial struggle to become an actor has been his greatest achievement. However, we feel that being nominated in the category of Best Comedy Performance by an Actor/Actress in 2017's Asian Television Award for his role on Yes Madam, is an incredible feat for an actor in his second ever production.

Something you might not have known about him: For his role in the chinese production Yes Madam, he was given a script with no Hanyu Pinyin, and had to learn Mandarin in five days with the help of a tutor.

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