Gauri Garodia

Gauri Garodia

Name: Gauri Garodia
Date of birth: 7 April 1973
Occupation: Owner and creator at Code Deco fragrances
Industry: Beauty

How she got started: By chance, Garodia joined Unilever in 1996 in a business role. Keen to be sent to a specific city to be close to her then fiancé, the only job assignment available was at Unilever perfumery — then known as Quest International. A six-month long temporary stint became a a permanent change of career for Garodia, who discovered her love for the creative side of perfumery and opted to stay on.

Notable achievements: Garodia counts having the courage to start a niche perfumery in a highly saturated market at the age of 40, as her biggest risk and achievement to date, considering how cluttered the market was and continues to be.

Something you might not have known about her: She loves the mountains and would like to spend much more time trekking them. Garodia finds being close to nature inspires her creativity and dream of having a full-blown perfumery in the hills or in some secluded fortress in Rajasthan.

A quote to sum it all up:
"Having spent my entire career in perfumery, I felt great dissonance over the products that were being brought to market. Perfume was becoming less of an art and much more of a consumer product. I feel great passion for this subtle yet potent art, and felt I had learnt enough to explore the possibility of doing things diffrently in the world of luxury fragrance."

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