Fyerool Darma

Fyerool Darma

Name: Fyerool Darma
Year of birth: 1987
Occupation: Artist and educator
Industry: Art

How he got started: While there had been several entry points, Fyerool hadn't been paying attention to the signs. Apart from assisting individuals, be it artists, cultural producers, educators photographers and muralists, he had instances where he was employed as a mascot or to survey the number of vehicles in remote roads all around the island. During those times, Fyerool had a question that loomed over his head: "What footprints am I leaving or vanishing for the people of tomorrow?"

Notable achievements: Fyerool has participated in group exhibitions such as the Singapore Biennale 2016 themed 'An Atlas of Mirrors'. He has also shown his work at the Paris Asian Fair, and participated in key events in Singapore Art Week. These include 'Fantasy Islands' at Objectifs, which looked at the manifold relations between Batam and Singapore as well as Art Stage Singapore with Yeo Workshop.

Something you might not have known about him: Fyerool has been trying to jog routinely, but you'll probably see him first sitting at his regular coffee shop with coffee.

A quote to sum it all up: "The best thing about being human is in realising that I belong to a race: The human race. Categorisations simplify the complexities of the living world."

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