Darren Lee

Darren Lee

Name: Darren Lee
Date of birth: 1 September 1980
Occupation: Founder, Uniform and Shentonista
Industry: Content Creation & Communications

How he got started: Lee studied marketing at the University of Melbourne and also worked in the fashion beat at a magazine. After he graduated, he worked as a stylist and writer before joining a branding and video production company. The experience there convinced him to start Uniform, which was initially focused on making fashion films. Today, Uniform has expanded their project scope to include content creation and public relations for clients ranging from F&B to lifestyle. Shentonista was founded when a friend had insisted that there weren't well-dressed people to be found in Singapore, so Darren set out to prove him wrong. Shentonista still continues to document the fashion landscape and everyday Singaporeans in the CBD, but the company has been fortunate enough to work with brands such as Changi Airport Group, Heineken, Club 21, The Business Times and more to create unique content and campaigns.

Notable achievements: Lee can't pinpoint a specific moment because it's not always about big awards or projects, but seeing how far they've come and grown together as a team in the last five years. Considering the fact that the business started as a two-person outfit in his bedroom, the growth of the company thus far encourages him to keep pushing forth. It's also heartening for him to hear that his clients and people on the ground appreciate the team's work. 

Something you might not have known about him: He was once a professional gamer. Also his team wants him to say that his curly hair is 'au naturel'.

A quote he lives by: "If you don't know, ask. But open your eyes before you open your mouth."