Alwyn Chong

Alwyn Chong

Name: Alwyn Chong
Date of birth: 16 September 1978
Occupation: Managing Director at Luxasia and escentials, Partner at Foreign Policy Design Group, co-founder of Gallery & Co. and photographer.
Industry: Beauty, Lifestyle

How he got started:  Chong started in 2002 as a marketing executive for the PUIG Group, after which he moved into the family business. He started Foreign Policy Design Group and Gallery & Co. to fuel his passion for #ofallthingsbeautiful and design. Both companies were borne out of the co-founders' common values and vision, and to extend Chong's own personal vision of making things beautiful — something that he hopes to accomplish in everything that he does.

Notable achievements: The recent launch of the e-commerce website. Chong also published a book, Odyssey: Picturing and Imaging the Okavango Delta. The photography from his book has been exhibited at the Leica Galerie Singapore.

Something you might not have known about him: He enjoys cooking and trying out new recipes.

A quote to sum it all up: "If you can enjoy the walk, then perhaps you can enjoy the other times in your life when you are in between." This quote is from a movie about golf. Golf isn't only about the game, but the time you spend walking between each shot and each hole. In life, it's not all about the highs, sometimes you have to be able to stop and smell the roses too." 

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