Alli Sim

Alli Sim

Name: Alli Sim
Date of birth: 10 September
Occupation: Founder of artisanal aromatherapy label, Mmerci Encore
Industry: Beauty

How she got started: An eight-year-old Sim blew her hard earned pocket money on books on home beauty remedies, losing herself in her bathroom whipping up natural facial masks and hair treatments with ingredients raided from her parents' fridge. Mesmerised by the textures and scents, she was intrigued by the way oils and botanicals could change ones' moods. She eventually became the senior beauty editor at a cult fashion title, conceptualising and styling shoots, interviewing perfumers and tastemakers, and reporting on makeup and aesthetic trends. She shared her first blend — an oil for a better night's sleep — with a girlfriend in New York who had broken up with her partner. Crafting things with her hands, smelling the pure oils, and watching real synergy and alchemy at work gave her such joy that she branched out to create Mmerci Encore.

Notable achievements: Mmerci Encore has received a lot of media mentions, positive reviews and has won several beauty awards. The brand was also invited by Niyama, Maldives to create an an aromatherapy bar pop-up, customising blends for resort guests.

Something you might not have known about her: Sim speaks terrible French, loves a good meme, and is a certified aromatherapy massage therapist.

A quote to sum it all up: "Whether you're buying a blend for yourself or as a gift, there's something about our goods which says, 'Here is a bit of light and good energy to see you through.' I think this resonates with many people today who are also trying to return to themselves."

Mmerci Encore is available online and is stocked in SPRMKT at Robertson Quay and McCallum Street.
Read more about Mmerci Encore here.