Alicia Pan

Alicia Pan

Name: Alicia Pan 
Date of birth: 11 November 1984
Occupation: Songbird and Co-Founder of Yoga Movement
Industry: Music, Health & Wellness 

How she got started:
 While Pan's singing career was taking off in Taiwan, she turned to yoga as a sanctuary of sorts. Back in 2012, Pan founded Yoga Movement together with her husband Pete Thew. It was intended to be a small project and they didn't expect demand to exceed their studio capacity so quickly. Within a six-month period, they were getting feedback that students were unable to get into classes, and the time came to open another studio. The same thing happened with subsequent studios. Today, there are six Yoga Movement studios all over Singapore. 

Notable achievements: Founding Yoga Movement.

Something you might not have known about her: She cries at every single wedding she attends — even if she doesn't know the couple. She has even cried at weddings she was hired to sing at. 

A quote she lives by: "Don't count the days, make the days count." 

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