Together with Disney's Minnie Mouse, designer Olympia Le-Tan brings a slice of magic to Uniqlo's casualwear
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Why UNIQLO x Olympia Le-Tan's Minnie Mouse Loves Dots collection is a smash hit

Minnie Mouse hardly needs an introduction, but her latest partner-in-crime is one that perhaps the fashion savvy might find unfamiliar. Rising from an esteemed milieu that is the Chanel design studio, designer Olympia Le-Tan is first and foremost a mystery. She loves embroidery. She's hooked on literature. She's whimsical. Above all, she has a sense of humour.

But who is she really? Identified mostly by her vivid 'book' clutches (they are modelled after covers of literary works), a snap of Leandra Medine — AKA The Man Repeller and one of Le-Tan's biggest fans — with a Jane Eyre minaudière tucked in the crook of her arm will probably help connect the dots. Le-Tan's cheeky, too. But you probably had an inkling by now.

Her latest quest is one where Minnie Mouse takes centre stage. In a world where Le-Tan and the Disney character collide, UNIQLO's T-shirt (UT) range plays canvas to the her imagination, on which the precocious mouse has a field day with Le-Tan's paraphernalia. Spot her sewing the polka dots onto her dress on a T-shirt, and striking a coy pose on a shoulder bag. The shenanigans continue over a range of 23 pieces, comprising pouches, clutches, and of course, UNIQLO's T-shirts.
As we take a tumble down the rabbit hole into the curious world of Le-Tan, discover the unbridled whimsy and magic of Minnie Mouse — whose captivating charm even had the designer donning her iconic dots and ears for a day.

Tell us about your first brush with embroidery and designing accessories and clothing.
My grandmother taught me embroidery and sewing. I started making things when I was a little girl. First, little dresses for my dolls, then bags made out of scraps of fabric.

How did the idea for a book clutch come about?
My father collected old books and I was always fascinated by the beautiful covers. I thought a book was a great object to carry around — even better if you can put your stuff in it.

Who do you envision wearing the UNIQLO Minnie Mouse Loves Dots (MMLD) collection?
Well there are lots of different styles so it could be all kinds of girls. Those that love Minnie, those that love dots, and also those who love Olympia Le-Tan!
How would you style your favourite piece from the collection?
I like to feel sexy, so I would style [a T-shirt] with a leather pencil skirt and stockings with seams down the back. With high heels of course.

What is your favourite memory of the Disney character?
I remember wanting to dress up as Minnie for a fancy dress party. I was driving from London to Paris and had a red cotton dress. I had bought some felt and a needle and thread. I cut out loads of white dots and stitched them onto my dress, just like in this story. Then, I made myself some ears out of two CDs that I covered in black felt and sewed onto a ribbon.

Tell us about a moment in your life that felt like pure magic.
Visiting the temples in Kyoto.
If you had the power be anyone, do anything for a day, who would you be and what would you do?
I'd be a little mouse and spy on people.

Complete the sentences:

I have the most fun when I am... in Japan.

I think I am most attractive when I... get out of bed in the morning.

If I weren't a designer, I would be... a singer!

Photography: Vanessa Caitlin
Styling: Andrea Sim
Hair & Makeup artist: Christian Maranion / 27a
Model: Dina K / Mannequin

Disney MMLD short sleeve graphic T-shirt, by UNIQLO.

Disney MMLD short sleeve graphic T-shirt and Disney MMLD shoulder bag, both by UNIQLO.

Disney MMLD short sleeve graphic T-shirt and Disney MMLD shoulder bag, both by UNIQLO.

The Minnie Mouse Loves Dots colletion is part of UNIQLO's Magic For All range that is available for purchase online and at all UNIQLO stores.