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A jewellery collection like no other, Tiffany HardWear merges the timeless elegance of Fifth Avenue with the intoxicating energy and edge of downtown Manhattan. Fierce Femininity. Refined Rebellion. Grit and Glamour. A new design code for the modern woman.

Fierce Femininity
The term 'fierce femininity' is about finding strength in our vulnerabilities but also recognising that we are stronger because of it. Wearing Tiffany HardWear definitely captures the essence of that paradox.

Aarika wears Tiffany HardWear ball hook earrings in 18k rose gold, and Tiffany HardWear ball wire bracelet stacked with the Tiffany Hardwear ball bypass bracelet, both in 18k rose gold
What are your thoughts about the new Tiffany HardWear collection?
I love that Tiffany & Co has taken an archival piece from the 1970s and made a whole new collection that is so relevant for today. Tiffany HardWear is full of statement pieces that can be worn everyday. It's impossible to choose a favourite! I need them all.

What is your earliest memory of Tiffany & Co?
My mother gifting my sister and I the Tiffany Somerset ring one Christmas. It was the first time we received anything in that iconic blue box.

How do you personally wear the Tiffany HardWear collection?
The ball bypass bracelet in 18k rose gold is something I'd wear everyday — on its own for a more elegant touch, or stacked with my other bracelets to elevate a street look. And with the ball hook earrings, because they are so feminine, I'd dress them down with something as simple as T-shirt, jeans and boots.
Refined Rebellion
I love the invisible clasps on the Tiffany HardWear wrap necklace and wrap bracelet — it allows you to wear each piece in so many ways. The bracelet could double as a choker, and the necklace could double as a quadruple tour bracelet.
What do you think of when someone mentions Tiffany & Co?
I don't know if it's just me, but I feel that every girl went through the same thing: Bugging mum for a Tiffany key necklace as a birthday gift for her 21st. Which reminds me, my mum still owes me a gift!

Do you think the new Tiffany HardWear collection encapsulates 'refined rebellion'?
For me, 'refined rebellion' refers to the opposing attributes of being classic and yet edgy; which is exactly what I'm all about.
I like to take dainty pieces and style them with something more rugged. You get that sense of duality with the Tiffany HardWear collection. It's bold jewellery that will stand the test of time.

Where would you wear the Tiffany HardWear pieces?
The Tiffany HardWear collection is stacking heaven. Gorgeous pieces that create great textures and layers when combined. I would wear them anywhere and with anything. Both the Tiffany HardWear ball pendant necklace and the Tiffany HardWear wrap necklace look great layered together, or worn individually, either with a black evening gown or even just a classic T-shirt. They are such versatile pieces.

Mae wears a Tiffany HardWear wrap necklace layered with a Tiffany HardWear ball pendant necklace and Tiffany HardWear graduated link necklace, all in 18k gold
Grit and Glamour
My earliest memory of Tiffany & Co?
Definitely has to be Audrey Hepburn in the movie, Breakfast at Tiffany's: "Nothing very bad could happen to you there."

Shu An wears a Tiffany HardWear graduated link necklace in sterling silver as a double tour bracelet, and stacks two Tiffany HardWear ball dangle rings in sterling silver. Outfit by Isabel Benenato from L'armoire Singapore
What are your favourite pieces from the Tiffany HardWear collection?
I love the graduated link necklace because it's elegant and edgy at the same time. It can work with a silk blouse, but it could also work with a T-shirt. Another favourite is the ball hook earrings; there is just something about them. They frame the face beautifully.

Tiffany HardWear is all about contrasts. Do you think a lady can be gritty yet glamorous?
To me, it is like wearing a gown but not being bound by the affectations. The men and women in noir films personify that for me. They have an eye for the luxurious life, look so comfortable in their own skin, are incredibly beautiful, but also have an air of danger about them. These Tiffany HardWear pieces do make me feel like I can be glamorous without being somebody else.

How would you recommend wearing the Tiffany HardWear collection?
I feel like they would really work for both day and night. Wear them with shirt and pants during the day, and when night comes, simply loosen a couple of buttons and throw on a dark lip. Sorted.
Photography: Vanessa Caitlin
Fashion direction: Norman Tan
Styling assistant: Andrea Sim
Hair & Makeup artist: Hongling Lim
Hair stylist for Oon Shu An: Bosco Eng / Hairloom