Straits Clan's members are diverse, plugged in and passionate. Meet 5 entrepreneurs and creatives from this private members' club who shed chi-chi graces for genuine connections
Jacqui Hocking
Managing partner of VSStory.com (Vision Strategy Storytelling Pte. Ltd)

"The vision to be a catalyst for social change is what attracted me to join. Similarly to the vision of both VSStory and Singapore Eco Film Festival, Straits Clan believes that collaboration and community is what drives positive impact. It's not easy being a change-maker at times, so it's important to find your tribe and surround yourself with people who can support you on the journey.

Beyoncé is almost a religious icon for me. She embodies the strength, vulnerability, purpose and power that I believe the world desperately needs right now. Creatively, her visual albums are breathtaking pieces of art, and her music is full of incredible stories. I believe she is one of the best storytellers of our time."

Kari Tamura Chua
Co-founder, SAMASAMA

"I used to be a HR consultant and worked with a number of migrant worker schemes. I found the discussion about migrant workers unsettling — the way they were commoditised and seen as just cost. SAMASAMA wants to redefine the role of a migrant worker to be an inspiring role model, and show the similarities between locals and migrants in a surprising way.

I came into this project thinking that I could help someone — that I was the bigger person contributing to charity. But when I see someone who has done so much more than I could imagine, it is not just humbling, it's a life-changing experience altogether. As long as you have passion, trust in yourself, are transparent and honest, you will get there. There's a lot of resilience involved. That's what I really learned from them."
Andrew Dixon
Director, Nikoi and Cempedak Island

"I think a common ground or purpose is always a great starting point. Good food, wine, some stories and a great setting are always a great way to help it along. The opportunity of meeting in an informal capacity to hear what others are doing is a wonderful way to find inspiration.

When I came to Singapore 20 years ago I never imagined I would be getting into farming! We have just started a farm on Bintan to grow a lot of our produce. We are growing everything from chickens, quails, goats, corn, mango, lettuce, fish, pineapple, papaya, beans, tomatoes, chilli, squash, rambutan, and lots more."

Andrew Walsh
Chef-owner, Cure and Butcher Boy

"What drives me is from the past, the present and where I've come from. How and where I perceive myself in the future in terms of work, creativity, life and happiness. I believe that food has a massive importance in our well-being and in our daily stresses and releases. Food has always been a symbolic gesture between people to share conversations of creativity, business, entrepreneurship, life goals and leisures of love and happiness.

I have been a member since Straits Clan first opened. I have always been looking for a space with like-minded creative people to share ideas and day-to-day conversations. A place of positivity, a place you can unwind over a glass of wine or even a game of ping-pong."
Beatrice Chia
Actress, director & creative director

"The first time I meet someone new, I always notice their facial expressions! Hopefully their faces are lit with crazy ideas! I live for great conversations, especially conversations that can spark off great ideas. I believe we are at our best when we collaborate. However, I have to say that not all conversations need to lead to some jaw-dropping collaboration. There is a lot of joy in just having a great conversation.

Since the end of 2017, I've been working on a major project that is slated for the middle of 2019. By the time this project gets off the ground, it would have been almost two years in the making. I am so pleased to say that it has been one of the most challenging projects, creatively, intellectually and in terms of mental and physical stamina."

As told to: Adibah Isa
Photography: Vanessa Caitlin