On the road with Claire Jedrek

Navigate a day in the life of this race car driver and supermum behind the wheels of her first seven-seater family SUV, the ŠKODA KODIAQ
She’s known to conquer the race tracks fearlessly, but with a brand new role minted as a mum to her first-born, Oli and a second baby girl on the way, something has got to be different in a day of Claire Jedrek’s life, right? Well, things are certainly not the same; but not everything has to give, or to be given up as far as motherhood is concerned. For starters, Claire’s new ride — the ŠKODA KODIAQ enables her daily routines from family time to the karting arena, all to make sure she stops for nothing.
The ŠKODA KODIAQ commands a robust build, angled with a handsome face of sharp angles. A spacious driver’s cockpit makes headway for a deck of smart features — like the virtual pedal that grants access to the car boot even when Claire’s hands are full. This seven-seater lets on more-than-ample legroom in the passenger seat, while boasting a truckload of luggage space in the boot with the backseats folded. Once she ignites the two-litre turbocharged engine, this fiery beast is all set to conquer her day ahead, living up to expectations along the way.

How has your life changed since motherhood?

Apart from having another family member, it’s really about managing my time much more wisely. I strive to keep our lives as normal as possible, and not changing anything for the kid. Sure, we make some adjustments of course, especially now that I've got a second kid coming along the way. But our number one basic rule that we [Yuey and I] always had was that nothing really stops for the kid. And even if it did, it’s our jobs to straighten our backs and deal with it. We do lead quite busy lives, separately, so we make sure that we sync our schedules, just so we know who’s going to take care of the kid. It’s important for us to communicate and make sure we have time for ourselves — baby or no baby.

What does family mean to you?

Now that I have a family of my own, I never think anything is a sacrifice anymore. I get excited about bringing everyone together, and getting my own parents more involved a lot more. Whether it’s going to the country club for bowling or organising trips out of town, keeping the unit together has become something of importance. Yes we do see our friends, but I do put my family first and foremost right now. As with Oli, I’m always trying to think of different ways to entertain him. For instance, taking him outdoors, just like how Yuey and I grew up. We want him constantly curious, to keep him creative and active.

What’s different when it comes to your expectations of a car?

We’ve always had sports cars, and we still do. But with a family of four on the way, safety is definitely a priority. Followed by convenience — to be a people-carrier and being accessible enough to get in and out — quickly. With a big car now, I’m able to put my pram, my shopping bags, and also an extra person or two in the vehicle. It expects the unexpected — and with the KODIAQ, I’m able to work smart, plan smart and travel smart. The little things go a long way. If anything happens, we have a car that can handle any situation.

What are your favourite features of the ŠKODA KODIAQ?

We run a household where keys are not allowed to go missing, and if it is, it has to be replaced right away. So for me, it’s kind of nice going keyless with this car. To open the car door, I don’t need to fish my bag for keys, the sensor will take care of the unlocking and locking with a single touch. Ultimately, it’s a huge car; but for the first time, we don’t have to pump that much, thanks to the car’s fuel efficiency control.

From a race-car driver’s perspective, how does the ŠKODA KODIAQ fare?

Personally, I always do like a car that has a little bit of torque. When it comes to driving capabilities, the car has optimal responsiveness, while having that bit of power. The four-wheel drive makes it a lot safer and easier to cruise along, even bearing similarities to one of a sports car.