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At First Blush
Find out what makes My Burberry Blush so irresistible as we explore the romantic, playful and spontaneous facets of this sparkling, new scent
Burberry's newest scent is the freshest and lightest yet from the My Burberry family. Sparkling yet intensely feminine, this Eau de Parfum reveals a confident, cheeky and energetic mood. Renowned perfumer Francis Kurkdjian who co-created the scent with Burberry's Christopher Bailey reveals that the scent is not targetted at one specific type of woman. He says, "It's not for me to decide who wears the fragrance. It is a dated concept to imagine her – she is not blonde or brunette. It's just about having that attitude, being playful and daring at the same time, embracing her femininity."
As for the light, floral and fruity scent, Kurkdjian took inspiration from a not altogether unexpected place, considering the brand's heritage. He says, "My Burberry Blush takes its inspiration in a London garden in the first light of day as flowers blossom with a spirited burst of energy. The fragrance features top notes of glazed pomegranate and lemon from Sicily. Then the fragrance lingers into heart notes composed of geranium leaves, crisp apple and rose petals. Last, jasmine flowers and wisteria complete the trail of this perfume."

Like the other fragrances in the series, My Burberry Blush comes in a weighty, glass flaçon, has a horn-look lid inspired by the buttons of a Burberry trenchcoat and a hand-tied gabardine knot at the neck of the bottle. The juice inside? This time it's a soft and sophisticated pink liquid that aptly represents the spirit of this fragrance. To explore three facets of the fragrance we called on three talented and spirited women who embody this scent.

E! News Asia host Yvette King is the ultimate modern woman who embodies style, grace and beauty. A true romantic, Yvette perfectly captures the soft, floral aspects of the scent which has delicate rose petal notes.
What makes me blush... when my husband gives me a compliment.

I'm at my most romantic when... I'm on holidays with my man. We are usually a little bit sun-kissed, relaxed and in the perfect mood for a date night or three!

When I smell My Burberry Blush I feel...
happy, playful, warm and light.

I would wear My Burberry Blush on...
a summer's day in a floaty dress on the way to a fabulous lunch with my best friends.

The most romantic destination I've been to is...
Rome. My husband and I just love it. We stroll the streets together and always throw in a coin at the Trevi fountain. We went 10 years ago and I wished then that I would marry him. My coin toss worked!

The most fun part about being painted pink for the shoot was...
looking like a character that could be in a movie. It helps that blush is my favourite colour so it was nice to match half my wardrobe!

The best romantic comedy of all time is...
Love Actually!

Savina Chai, a multi-hyphenate designer, stylist and photographer caught our eye for this shoot, as she embodies the cheeky aspects of the scent with her quirky style.
What makes me blush... when my boyfriend catches me doing something embarrassing!

I'm at my most playful when...
I'm with my friends.

When I smell My Burberry Blush I feel...
cheeky, flirty, fun and youthful.

I indulge my inner child by…
eating lots of chocolate chip cookies.

My tip for wearing fragrances is...
to pair different notes with different colours of your wardrobe. I pair full black power outfits with muskier and woodier scents and feminine date outfits with lighter and clean scents.

I gravitate towards scents that are...
powdery, clean and with a touch of jasmine.

You should always retain a sense of fun because…
life's a whole lot better with a youthful heart.

Nicole Wong is known for her edgy style, but here she takes a more whimsical, unselfconscious persona. With top notes of lemon and glazed pomegranate, My Burberry Blush has a similar sense of energy.
What makes me blush... public speaking.

The most spontaneous thing I've done is...
moving out on my own when I was 21, after a month of working.

When I smell My Burberry Blush I feel...
that summer love all over again.

The best travel destination to go on a whim is… Sri Lanka. It's so underrated. You can go surfing, hiking and on a safari, all in a single country.

If there were no rules and limits, I would… live life out of a suitcase and explore different parts of the world.

I gravitate towards scents that are... fresh and not overpowering.

The most fun part about being painted pink for the shoot was... getting all girly and turning into a pink avatar.
My Burberry Blush is available at all Sephora stores islandwide now, and in all major departmental stores from 1 September.
Photography: Vanessa Caitlin
Beauty Direction: Renée Batchelor
Makeup: Yuan Sng
Hair and Body Paint: Ira Tedja
Photography Assistance: Andy Leow & Gerald Low
Product Images and Video: Burberry