In celebration of the superwomen who are doing it all
Mother's Day falls on the second Sunday of May, but we think moms should be honoured all year round - because we all know our number one caregivers never actually catch a break. Here, a tribute to the Buro. girls who have grown up with us, with babies in tow, no less.
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better than most women carry handbags...
Nadiah M.Din

Being a mother is the best gift god can ever present to me. It is such a sacred gift that I keep closely to my heart. It allows me to be the best example of myself towards my kids, and to always be there for them in each and every milestone. I want to be not just a mother, but a best friend who listens, understands, and showcases unconditional love and respect towards my kids. Lastly, motherhood is the best but most tiring 24-hour job ever, but I will never trade this for anything else.

May Wan

It's a privilege and honour to be a mother in this fast-moving world. Raising my children has been my greatest pain but also my greatest joy. My kids are highly emotionally intelligent, which is very important to me. Leala and Siena have great empathy and respect for people and animals, and as a mother I couldn’t ask for more. It makes me believe that I’ve done something right in this life.

Kelly Latimer

Being a mother today is no different to being a mother at any other point in history: we love, we nurture, we care. We also worry, panic, and get angry. Some say it’s harder to be a parent these days, as there are more distractions and more dangers. It’s a scary world out there. But we have the power to how we choose to respond to the crises around us, as well as how we choose to educate our children to respond and react. Like many parents, I’m guilty of getting distracted by a million things, but I try to make a conscience effort to focus on my child, for she will only be this age once. It’s not easy being a mother today, nor will it be tomorrow, but it is worth it, and I want her to know that.

Aarika Lee

Being a mom today sometimes feels like you have to be superhuman. There are a lot of women out there who are incredibly inspiring and seem to have it all, so the aspiration and pressure to be able to handle it all are very real. I had a chat with my mom the other day and she reminded me that we don't have to meet the standards of the world, but we have to meet the needs our children. I'm going to try to do more of that, and worry less about whether I'm fulfilling superhuman standards. It's also actually a lot easier than to be a super mom :) Ask your kids.

Choy Wan

Being a mother today means raising our children to be strong and empathetic individuals. To equip them with the knowledge and voice to fight injustice, help those in need, and to spread love and compassion to those around them.

Heart Evangelista

Although a lot of things have changed with motherhood over the years, I’d have to say that the meaning remains the same, which for me is this: loving without conditions. I am a mother of different forms — a dog mom to lovable AsPins, a stepmom to two adorable kids, and a mom to twin angels in heaven. My children may be of different blood, of different species, or even of different worlds, but I love them all the same — fully and unconditionally.

Charmaine Seah-Ong

To me, being a mother means surviving on minimal sleep, copious amounts of caffeine, and having a limitless supply of love & cuddles. It’s the best!

Jaime Lee

Being a mother means to give, and to be stretched and challenged in ways I never knew I could or would. It is to embrace the warrior-hood of loving another little being fiercely and wholly; to champion their well-being and growth in sacrifice of my own; and to put my entire person and life in second place to theirs. It keeps me on my toes, teaches me to embrace change on a never-ending basis, and is the most sacrificial but most fulfilling thing I've ever had to do.

Serena Adsit

Motherhood; but a moment in our lives when we can channel all of our lacks, fears and shortcomings and transforming them into advocacy, growth, and the fierce loving of our children. Being a mother has been the greatest gift ever bestowed onto me.

Amanda Leong

A mother of today, like many before her, knows that the life she brought into this world will be hers to incubate and nurture for the rest of her tireless life. And yet, a mother today takes on even more roles that go beyond the most primitive meaning of being a mother. She is also a great listening ear, fearless protector, emotional (and sometimes, literal) cheerleader, moral compass and role model, and most important of all — the greatest hugger who ever lived. I've heard that her kisses make everything better!

Chanel Lyn

I don't think motherhood has changed tremendously from the past; nurturing your baby will always be your priority. But what’s changed is the kind of support mothers receive now. We now have so many more ways to stay connected and share our experiences through social media, so it feels a lot less isolating. I’ve made so many new friends since becoming a mother! I didn’t think I would do well in this new role but it’s been great. There were a lot of stress in the beginning, but now I just take it a day at a time. My baby is my best teacher and I want to be his number one student.

Alicia Pan

Being a mother means having the ability to juggle a stable work flow, balance family life, and acknowledge that there are no rights and wrongs. People will always try and tell you how to do things, but every situation is unique, so it’s about using your best ability to figure things out.

Lay Peng Pek

To me, the heart of a mother is always the same — be it yesterday, today or the future. As mothers, we strive to be the Provider, Protector and most importantly, a Peer to our kids. I hope for my kids to grow up in an environment where they are able to pursue their passion, while ensuring that they'll be resilient in the face of life's many challenges. My eldest recently told me he wants to be a mailman driving a mini truck, and he didn’t have a particular reason for it. I said, "Well that’s good, you have a noble job ensuring everybody gets their mail on time." As a parent, we are in a position to help to see the bigger picture, so I hope as they grow and explore the world, I’m able to stay relevant to be their lifelong peer and perhaps, mentor.

Marie Soh

Being a mother means being the whole universe to your child. Besides being physically there, it's also important to take care of their emotional and spiritual growth as well. As much as I want to teach my children new things, I also need to listen to them more, to learn about them individually and understand how best I can parent them.

Amelia Chia

To be honest, no different to what it was in the past. There is a whole lot of expectations placed on mothers in this day and age — mainly the need to make both family and career work, but that's an argument we've heard for decades. At the end of the day, being a mother is about the choices, and subsequently sacrifices, she makes. A good mother is one who is doing the best she can with her children and is content in the space she is in. Whether it's putting your career goals on hold for the kids, or keeping on with work and finding help with the children, that decision is yours as long as you find that sweet spot within yourself. Shut out all the noise and stay true to what you believe in. There is no point trying to be someone you're not.

Yvette King

What I’ve realised since becoming a mother is that all parents out there are just winging it and doing the best they can. Being a mother these days can mean so many different things — she may be a working mom, a stay-home one, a single one, or a mother of one, two three and more. For me, being a mom means everything. My little family is my world and they bring so much joy to my life.

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